September 19th – 21th, 2022



The main area of interest of the Sixth Congress will be contemporary studies and research on culture, including history, politics, economy, art, language, and literature of Turkic peoples, as well as geographical areas inhabited by the Turks today and in the past. The discussions will be focused on the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, problems of contemporary studies as well as their perspectives and challenges.

We believe that the Congress will bring interesting research results and fruitful discussions.

The organizers invite individual papers and thematic panel proposals within the following sections:

  • Language and linguistics
  • Literature
  • Traditional culture and contemporary lifestyle
  • Beliefs and religious systems
  • Social problems
  • Economy
  • History and politics
  • Fine arts
  • Archaeology
  • The Silk Road
  • Polish-Turkic relations
  • Contributions of the Turks to science and culture of the world

If you wish to take part in this event onsite or online, please submit an abstract to the Registration Portal:

The deadline for individual paper proposals and for panel proposals (4-5 panelists) is July 10th, 2022. For further information, venue, important dates, etc please look at