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Studies and Ph.D. studies

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The Faculty has run the Postgraduate Research Ph.D. Programme. The programme comprises 4 years in which the student is required to follow appropriate courses and write the dissertation The Faculty offers academic supervision and tuition towards the doctoral exams as well as towards writing the doctoral dissertation.

The four-year doctoral program in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw provides a unique opportunity in Europe to gain in-depth knowledge of the Orient, while also creating a possibility to acquire the skills of using basic cognitive linguistics tools to examine various aspects of culture and cross-linguistic inter-cultural communication. The program encourages respect for linguistic and cultural variation, and prepares students to be internationally competent experts on a selected Oriental or African culture, with a clear understanding of the challenges and the opportunities stemming from diversity and communication across cultures.

Students additionally receive training in research methods and dissemination, selected web-based tools to enhance their academic work, and pedagogical approaches to teaching languages, literatures, and cultures, all of which position the program’s graduates to excel in their research and future career.


Studies at the University of Warsaw –

The University of Warsaw offers 37 major fields and over 100 specializations in the Humanities and Earth, Social, and Natural Sciences. Currently, the University has 19 faculties and 25 independent research and education units. UW is housed in over 100 buildings within three campuses in different parts of Warsaw: the main Campus (central Warsaw), Ochota Campus and Służew Campus.

The University is constantly tailoring its research programs and curricula to the changing world. UW students have easy access to the latest research and literature in each discipline they study. Moreover, UW’s computer infrastructure, without which a modern education is impossible, is ever being improved and expanded. The University of Warsaw offers various academic degree programmes at the 1st (Bachelor), 2nd (Master) and 3rd (Doctoral) level in 80 fields of study. There are long-term degree and short-term non-degree programmes available in Polish, English, and other languages.

If you are interested in a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree or Ph.D. diploma, please contact the Admissions Office .


If you are interested in non-degree programmes lasting a maximum of one academic year, please fill in the on-line application form for short-term students and contact the International Relations Office