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Admission rules

 1) Admission rules

 a) Candidates holding Polish degree certificates (diplomas)

 Holders of Bachelor, Master, engineer etc. degree certificates (diplomas) or equivalents may apply for admission to the first year of the second-cycles studies program.

 In the open recruitment procedure, the following points will be taken into account:

    1. grade point resulting from an interview conducted in English
    2. overall grade point on the diploma
    3. grade point average (GPA) for the entire period of studies

The scope of the interview is aimed at checking general orientation of the candidate in the subject of future studies. During the interview the candidate will receive three main questions regarding:

    1. Basic knowledge on religions and faith systems
    2. General theories and concepts of research on religions
    3. The content of the reading material

Reading material:

    1. Oxford Handbook for Religious Studies, edited by Michael Stausberg and Steven Engler, Oxford 2016
    2. Geertz, Clifford, „Religion as a cultural system”. The interpretation of cultures: selected essays, Geertz, Clifford. London: Fontana Press. 1993. pp. 87–125.

The candidate may obtain maximum of 100 points from the interview. Obtaining minimum 50 points from the interview entitles the candidate to participate in further recruitment procedure.

2. Method of calculating the recruitment points:

The candidate may obtain maximum of 300 points, which is the sum of particular elements of the qualification procedure.

A. Assessment of the interview. Maximum 100 points

B. overall grade point on the diploma

    • very good (5) – 100 points
    • good plus (4+) – 92.5 points
    • good (4) – 85 points
    • sufficient plus (3+) – 72.5 points
    • satisfactory (3) – 60 points

 C. the grade point average (GPA) of the entire period of studies



Wp – point result

Śo – the grade point average (GPA) for the entire period of studies

b) Candidates with a foreign diploma

Rules of admission are the same as for candidates holding university diploma obtained in Poland. The grades of candidates with a foreign diploma will be calculated and compared to the grading scale applicable at the University of Warsaw.

c) Assessment of the candidates’ English language proficiency

In the absence of the appropriate document (compliant with the requirements described in the general part of the recruitment resolution) certifying candidate’s English language proficiency at least at B2  level, the  English language proficiency of the candidate will be assessed during  an interview.

The positive results of the qualification procedure confirm candidate’s competence to study in English at the above-mentioned program.