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Safety meeting for UW Students

Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome Point invites UW students to join a “Safety meeting for UW Students”.

During the meeting, the following topics will be covered:

  • whom you can ask for help in dangerous situation
  • what the powers of Police and City Guards are
  • how to avoid becoming a victim
  • what is forbidden to do and for what behaviour you can get a ticket
  • more about public transport and taxi
  • how to behave in case of a terrorist attack threat
  • what the most dangerous places in the city are

and many more issues

The training takes place on 13th December, 1 pm, on Faculty of Modern Languages.

The deadline to fill in this declaration is this Sunday 11st December, at 11 pm (We strongly suggest to do it now).

In case of any doubts, please e-mail us:

Safety meeting for UW Students